Podcast Live has been created by a bunch of podcast fans to do something new - create live events, where podcasters can perform, interact with an audience and host special versions of their regular shows, and where podcast fans can see their must-listen shows live, interact with the hosts and guests, and meet the teams behind their favourite downloads.


At the weekends we are a bunch of podcast fans, who are really excited about this new way of talking and listening to each other, and are thrilled to be able to develop something new in Podcast Live to help the industry grow.

In our day jobs we’ve racked up a few years of experience relevant to this new medium which should help. 

We are:

  • Phil Riley, Chairman, former CEO of Chrysalis Radio and founder of Heart. 
  • Matt Deegan, currently Creative Director for Folder Media, where he runs Fun Kids Radio along with being the co-creator of the British Podcast Awards and the Next Radio conference
  • Michael Connole, Finance Director, is the former FD of both Chrysalis Group and Global Radio
  • John Myers, the former CEO of Guardian Media Group (GMG) Radio.