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Podcast Live: Politics – London

Your favourite political podcasts… live!

Join Brexitcast, Remainiacs, The Times Red Box, For The Many, How I Found My Voice, Delingpod and more..  live on stage.

On Sunday 7th April, join our podcasters at The Light (opposite Euston station in London) for a whole day of great shows and discussions. We'll be operating three rooms simultaneously - the Main Room and Satellite Rooms - so you can pick and choose the shows that you want to go and see.

You can buy tickets for a single show for £12 or get a day pass for £30. Your day pass will guarantee you entrance to all of the Main Room sessions, but with the Satellite Rooms, which are a cosier affair we'll allocate any spare seats to day pass holders on a first come, first served basis.

There was a free Brexitcast ticket draw, but that has now closed. Day Ticket holders, however, will also be able to see it as part of their Main Room pass.

Our Schedule

For The Many Logo

For The Many

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith

Iain Dale / Jacqui Smith - "For The Many” Podcast. Iain is a seasoned broadcaster, with a regular evening show on LBC, as well as being a panellist on CNNTalk, and guesting on many TV shows such as Andrew Marr, Newsnight, Politics Live and Good Morning Britain. Jacqui is of course the former Home Secretary and Labour MP for Redditch. Between them, they’ve “been there and done that”, sometimes with unintended consequences, and their show is a fast-moving exploration of all matters current and political, laced with a generous helping of smut and double entendres - all done with humour and panache.

ITV News' Acting Prime Minister

Paul Brand

ITVs Paul Brand offers a guest the hypothetical keys to Number 10 and asks them what they’d do if they were in charge. He’ll explore what law they’d pass, who’d be in their fantasy cabinet, which world leader they’d call first and even what their Downing Street pet would be. Guest: Justine Greening MP

The UK in a Changing Europe

James Millar

Join James Millar, Anand Memon, Catherine Barnard, former Director of Strategy at Number 10, Chris Wilkins and Independent Group MP Mike Gapes for a spirited discussion.


Katya Adler, Adam Fleming & Chris Mason

The BBCs chart-topping, explaining everything Brexit-related show, hosted live by Chris Mason, Katya Adler and Adam Fleming with guest Jo Coburn.

New European Brexit Podcast

Richard Porritt and Steve Anglesey deep dive into another week of Brexit mayhem with guests Andrew Adonis and Alastair Campbell.



James Delingpole

James Delingpole’s “Delingpod”. Described by one fan as “sane people being interviewed by a sane presenter” James is regularly featured in The Spectator, Daily Mail, Express, Times and Telegraph - but not so often in the Guardian. James claims to be right about everything, and there will be challenging positions taken on topics ranging from Brexit to Climate Change. For this special edition James is joined by the Editor of Spiked Online, Brendan O’Neill.

How I Found My Voice

How I Found My Voice

Razia Iqbal

How I Found My Voice is the podcast that explores how some of the world's most prominent people became such compelling - and unique - communicators. At Podcast Live, Razia Iqbal interviews Tracy Emin.

Sophy Ridge on Sunday

Sophy Ridge

Sky's Sophy Ridge presents agenda-setting political interviews and analysis. Every Sunday, Sophy examines how decisions made in Westminster affect the lives of the public. This podcast features the best interviews and Sophy's analysis. Joining Sophy at Podcast Live are Lisa Nandy MP and Johnny Mercer MP.

Podcast Live: Round Table

Olly Mann

Join Olly Mann with our podcast guests Andrew Harrison, James Delingpole, Christopher Hope and Jacqui Smith

Times Red Box Logo

The Times Red Box Podcast

Matt Chorley

The Times Red Box Podcast” - The Times has an unrivalled group of political reporters and commentators it can call upon, and in this political podcast, Red Box Editor Matt Chorley will tap into this great resource to illuminate the key issues of the Day. Joining Matt are David Aaronvitch, Katie Perrior, Sam Coates and Esther Webber

The Week Unwrapped

The Week Unwrapped

Olly Mann

Join Olly Mann and The Week’s editorial team as they delve into the most important stories from the past seven days – but not necessarily the ones that have been grabbing all the headlines. Away from the latest on Brexit and Trump, the team unearths the hidden news that isn’t getting the attention it deserves, like hypersonic planes, tuskless elephants, human composting and sausage parties. Joining Ollie Mann is Holden Frith, Rebecca Gillie and Jamie Timson

Politico's EU Confidential

Ryan Heath & Jack Blanchard

EU Confidential takes you behind the scenes of how power and influence in wielded in Europe, speaking to presidents and prime minister, CEOs and geeks, staffers and activists, about how they do they jobs, and their takes on the hot issues of the week. Hosted by POLITICO's political editor Ryan Heath and appearing live with Jack Blanchard. Joining them is Emily Thornberry, Annabelle Dickson and Lina Aburous




“Remainiacs” - this is the no-bullshit Brexit podcast for people who won't just shut up and get over Brexit, with partisan, but humorous and entertaining hosts Dorian Lynskey, Ros Taylor, Alex Andreou and Nina Schick.

Chopper's Brexit Podcast

Christopher Hope

The Daily telegraph’s Chief Political Correspondent, Christopher Hope, with the inside line on Brexit. Interviews with top politicians and commentators, and analysis from the Telegraph’s Westminster team. Joining Christopher are Camilla Tominey, Henry Newman, Lara Spirit and Eliie Varley from Brexit 4 Students.

The Spectator's Coffee House Shots

Fraser Nelson and James Forsyth

Join The Spectator's Fraser Nelson and James Forsyth with special guest Sienna Rodgers as they record Coffee House Shots, live!


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