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Launching Podcast Live & Our First Event

It’s great to be able to do something that you love. Whether it’s what you do as a job, or in your spare time – enjoying yourself whilst you achieve something is brilliant.

I think one of the best bits about listening to podcasts, is to hear the enthusiasm of the team delivering it. They can be making it in their kitchen or in brilliant studios, but the relationships they have with each other and with us, is what I think keeps you listening.

Over the past few years I’ve been lucky enough to spend lots of time with a whole host of podcasters. Through helping to create the British Podcast Awards, I’ve met lots and the key things I kept hearing about were the desire to make more money (of course!), but mainly a desire for podcasters wanting to do more. More shows, activities, events, tweets – nearly everyone I spoke to felt they should be doing more. But when your podcast isn’t the main thing you do – and that goes for kitchen as well as corporate ones – it’s difficult to have the time to devote it.

This insight led us to develop Podcast Live. We want to create a series of events where the annoying bit – all the organisation – is handled by us, and the fun bit – creating the show is left to the podcasters. We want to make it easy for podcasters to tour to both meet their audience and make some more money too.

Our first event is about politics. In the UK we sit in the middle of a crazy time for politics and that craziness has spawned a whole host of podcasts – Pod Save America, Brexicast, Remainiacs to name just a few. We thought this would be a great topic to kick off Podcast Live.

So, we’ve assembled a mighty bunch of podcasters, with more to be announced soon for Podcast Live: Politics in Euston on Sunday April 7th. You can get your ticket – for a day, or for a single session – here on our website.

We’ve got a number of future events planned that we’ll be talking about soon, but in the meantime if you’re a podcaster who wants to be part of a Podcast Live event – do get in touch. I’m matt@podcastlive.com.

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