Podcast Live - The Week Unwrapped

New Additions to Podcast Live: Politics

We’re pleased to announce a new session joining our Podcast Live: Politics line-up – it’s The Week Unwrapped!

Olly Mann and his team of The Week commentators look behind the top stories, to discover the even more intriguing news that people are trying to keep hidden away. It’s an exciting romp through the biggest unreported stories of the week.

They’ll be at 2.30pm, and you can buy tickets to their show, or the whole day here.

We’re also pleased to announce that James Delingpole has confirmed Brendan O’Neill as the guest for his show.

Brendan is Editor of Spiked online and is recognised as one of the leading polemical commentators in UK media today. He describes himself as from the left, whilst others now argue the majority of his views are right-wing. Wherever those views come from, they are challenging to hear and his discussion with James promises to be a bracing listen.

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